Frequently Asked Questions

1) I have a subscription but cannot login. It is saying my email address is not registered and to try again?

There are several factors that can come into play from different personal computers, mobile devices, etc which may be stopping you from logging in successfully. Below are the most frequent.

If you are an Easyriders print subscriber, while that does entitle you to a FREE subscription to Easyriders digital as well, that does not necessarily mean you are registered yet for Easyriders digital. If at the time of your print subscription if you did not include an email address, we need one to get you registered. If this is the case, please email your Easyriders subscription ID along with the email address you would like to use as your registered email address to Once you are registered you will receive email confirmation from us and then will be able to login with your registered email address.

When entering your email address please be sure you are not adding any spaces before or after your email address when entering it. This especially tends to happen when you are copying and pasting the email address into the login area.

Clear your temporary internet files or cache. Different internet browsers have different qualities, functions, etc and at times read data in different ways. For example, Internet Explorer is different than Google Chrome, Google Chrome is different than Safari, etc. Because of this, we are tirelessly testing all aspects from the login pages to the digital magazine itself in all browser windows to make sure everything is being viewed as intended and is functioning in the manner it was meant to across all browser windows. When we make updates some personal computers and browsers are holding on to old files instead of using the updated ones we have created thus causing error messages. That is why it is important to regularly clear your computers temporary internet files and cache. This assures there are no old files stuck in your computers browsing history blocking it from viewing the newest, most up-to-date files. Below are some helpful links depending on the Internet browser you are using if you do not know how to clear your temporary internet files or cache.

If you are using:


Internet Explorer:



You may also want to try to restart your computer, which usually helps to clear out old files as well, or simply try hitting the refresh which sometimes works. If after trying all of the above and you are still receiving an error message or email not registered message please contact us at and a customer service account representative will help you with your problem.

Please make sure your subscription is current. For those “Paid Digital Subscribers Only” you are on auto-renew. Remember every 365 days the system will renew your subscription and does so by processing the credit card we have on file. Please make sure that credit card is still valid and it has not expired. If it has very simply just go back to your title’s digital landing page and click on subscribe and follow the steps. For those “Print Subscribers Getting The Digital Version For Free” make sure your “Print Subscription” is still valid and up to date.

2) Once I am logged in and I click on the digital issue, I would like to view it but it won’t load or it takes a really long time for it to load and for me to navigate once I am in it?

There are multiple factors which could be causing this to happen based on different personal computers, mobile devices, etc. The one thing we can assure you is that it is not an issue with the digital magazine itself. Below are a couple of the most frequent reasons your digital magazine is not functioning as it should.

Just like above please clear your temporary internet files and cache. Your computer for whatever reason could be storing a file which is slowing down or prohibiting your digital magazine from opening.

Shutdown and restart your computer.

Most importantly check for updates. This is especially important in terms of the internet browser you are using. Based on your personal preference always try to use the most current version available. They are FREE. It costs no money to stay current. This will not only help the performance of your digital magazine but the performance of your computer overall. Are you an Internet Explorer user? Please update to the most current version: Internet Explorer 10. In order to find out what the current version of your browser of choice is just google it. Example, if you are a Chrome user just google “most recent version of Google Chrome”. If you are not currently using that version you can download it right there for FREE and it only takes a matter of minutes. It is important that you stay no more than 1 version behind that of the most current for whatever web browser you use not just so you can view the digital magazine as should be, but for the overall health of your computer. If the current version of Internet Explorer is Internet Explorer 10 there is no reason why you should be using Internet Explorer 7. Technology changes and older versions are not compatible with a good deal of current technology so go ahead and update to the current version of the browser of your choice – it’s FREE!

For more helpful hints if you are having trouble viewing the digital magazine the way it is meant to be viewed or if you are having problems with certain features such as video, etc also check out “Best Viewing Practices” under the “How To Use DMAGS” video.

3) I'm having issues viewing the PDF download on a my Apple or Android device, what should I do?

Most Apple or Android devices don't come installed with a PDF viewer. When you download a DMAG issue or pages, make sure you included the .pdf extension on the filename download file, if your device isn't automatically adding the extension when downloading. Once downloaded, you can install the free Adobe PDF reader for Apple or Android. The links to those respective apps are below:

Apple devices:
Android devices: